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The last post

 This is the final post of 2023. I plan to take a break now. I wish you happy celebrations of 2024 and may next year bring us more joy and prosperity and focus on the most important things.
Recent posts

New year preparations

 I stopped preparing for things since August this year. I decided to go with the flow. With no plans for the New Year, today I received an invitation to a party. Seems like not having any plan was the best plan in the end.

The recovery day

 What to do once all the presents are opened? Should we just move forward with our goals? As I wrote about recovery day after flying long distance. It is important to plan a recovery day after the holidays. This is your guilty free time.

The day before Christmas

 This year I am spending Christmas in Prague with little plans. However, today I am spending the evening with my neighbors, and we will have a home cooked meal and we will catch up on what was going on in our lives for the past few months. It is important to plan catch-up with people around you.