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About handling disagreements.

There will be always a disagreement between different people. And this is fundamental to us. We see the things differently; we see the priority differently and so on. How can we shift from the things we disagree to the things that are the most important to us? This is a core question in the art of decision making. Many people ask me how to proceed when a big argument comes up? And I don’t like this question so much, because you should have already seen where the discussion is leading to. You should have already discussed the minor disagreement and shift the discussions on the things you, your partner, your co-worker or your business partner want to do. If you end up with a big conflict, it is a little too late to shift the focus. In this stage, you need to focus on damage control and compromises. Sometimes it is not possible and then you need to decide if you want to separate or you will need to negotiate a different relationship.

LinkedIn is not important

  I see many people who try to post daily on LinkedIn to be noticed. In reality, this is not important. Important is what message and fuzz you do to be noticed. Don’t be boring on your LinkedIn wall. Show up in those media and really make a difference.

Almost the end

  This month is challenging for me, lack of regular workout due to injury. But now that my recovery is almost at its end. I feel optimistic about my future and my sport activities. The moral of the story is sometimes you need to persevere in the bad times to be able to enjoy the good times.

Boring day

  I have a friend who wants to leave the company she works for. And the reason is that the environment becomes boring and some of the best team members left for a different company. Sometimes, this is the right decision. So the management needs to provide initiative for the people who stay to redefine the work environment by doing so to attract fresh new potential to the company.

Care too much about the bottom line

  There is no better way to generate a lack of motivation in your employees than to show them there is no more progress to grow. Companies don’t realize this. They care about the bottom line. The irony is that if they don’t care a lot more about their employees, the bottom line will suffer in the long term.

Corporate culture

  I see some companies which try to push team-building activities that no one cares about. Whose fault it is? The employees who are not interested in what the management decided it was interested in them or the management who didn’t care enough to make a survey for a possible fun activities which employees like to do?   This is when you learn the true meaning of a corporate culture.

Group exercise or alone

  I am a huge fan of group exercises; it gives me a feeling of being part of something and motivates me to continue. Especially when I am doing HIIT workouts. But sometimes doing something alone is equally important. You need to know what your personality is and instead of changing yourself and you leverage that. If you are oriented more towards people, go to more group activities otherwise, get yourself a personal trainer and go alone.  

Twitter is a dead long live twitter

 Corporate rebranding takes time. It is carefully calibrated and represents the new directions of the company. Unless it is Twitter. Then the change can happen in a matter of a week. The domain pointed yesterday to a page with one character “X”. Today it redirects to the twitter domain and soon we might see the dead of the bird and the birth of the symbol “X”. This change will be followed carefully and we can all learn from the mistakes Elon Musk will do during this transition. He already is very famous with the mistakes he did during his first weeks in the company. Can the company survive such a transformation is another open question? There are already some competitors like Mastodon and Instagram very own Threads. But the vision of Elon Musk is to turn this app more like WeChat, the Chinese mega app that combines many features. The issue with such a combination of too many businesses and too many regulations might play a crucial role in the downfall of the company. Many times s

How did Seth Godin's blog become so famous?

  Quick check on his blog site and you can see that he has 2.3 million backlinks. This means that 2.3 million sites refer to him with a link. So, there are 2.3 million chances more that people will see his site and get to know who Seth is. How he did that? He takes part in many podcasts and constantly markets himself. And that is the power of networking. If you believe in “if you build it they will come” attitude, you are at a tremendous disadvantage. How tremendous? If you want to compete with Seth, you are in 2.3 million disadvantages.  

Batching activities

 When you feel you don’t have time, batch the activities you want to do to save time. This is true for meetings and for working and resting. Sometimes you can do activities that you were delaying during your rest time.

Asking the right questions

 We rarely ask the right questions, and no one is helping us to figure this out. Have you met successful people? You try to ask them some questions and they respond with generic answers. Such interaction doesn’t bring any value. That is why the most successful people ask the right questions and they have the right credibility to make the other side answer them truthfully.

Do it for the machine

 SEO is important when you have a business. But posts that use SEO are not so important for the people who consume them. Just because there are SEO rules now don’t mean they won’t change in the future. Don't just please the machine, focus on people and connect with them. One way to achieve that is to host events for everyone or to give real value. Then you can ensure you will be successful even if your page is not the most SEO friendly. 

Asking for help

 I know many people who are afraid to be alone and they try to replace this fear with pointless activities. One advantage of being an adult is that you can handle anything. There are specialists like psychologies who can help you. You just need to be strong enough and ask for help. Unfortunately, if your friends and relatives have the same challenge, you might consider this to be normal. And in a way, loneliness is normal, but not being comfortable with it will surely cause you more troubles in the long term.

Things will change

 No matter if you live good or bad, things will change. If you stay still, you are already losing a lot. Prepare to evolve and adapt because the society is also evolving and adapting.

When you are betting to lose

 Instagram new Threads platform is a huge flop. And there are many reasons for that. One of them is a lack of good leadership. You need people who are able to say no to the pressure and stop a project doomed to fail. But in big corporations, this is hard. The nay sayers are labeled as difficult and big bosses prefer to throw such people always. The funny thing is that corporations supposedly welcome diversity, but only the diversity that is good on a promotion material. But then you end up with half-baked products that nobody cared and ruined reputation. It is like betting to lose. People may not agree with the product, they build it because the CEO stated it and the result is something everyone was aware of, from the very beginning.

Friends vs friends

 Being an adult gives us amazing opportunities, but also a lot of challenges to navigate the social structure. You have friends and friends. You have friends who are up for what you suggest and join and support you and you have friends who always want to push their agenda on you. If you only spend time with people who do what you suggest, you become part of the other friends who just push their ideas on others. So you need to have not only supportive friends, but you also need to become one, in order to expand your social bubble and find more opportunities in life.

Choose the right information

 In the past, you needed to go to a library or to an expert to get the right information. The Internet has made the power of knowledge widely accessible. But with that diminishes the currency of knowledge. Now, everyone can claim they are experts, just because they read an article. It is important to have a pluralism in your sources and to read the pros and cons of your choice. But which is the correct source of those pros and cons? Are we just reading sponsored content or are we really reading an independent review? With the rise of the AI, this question will become even harder to answer and almost impossible to choose the right information.

The power of the number game

 I already wrote about businesses that don’t have a strong advantage, but they exist. One example was with a company that produces the same product in a saturated market . Numbers are crucial for building a strong foundation for your company's growth. Business is a numbers’ game. The more customers you have, the better for the business. The more people buy your Samsung TV, the more they will recommend it to others, and this feedback loop will generate more revenue. If you integrate this positive feedback model into your company, you will see a drastic increase in your adoption and a decrease in your marketing costs. 

Bad decisions

 Unfortunately, we constantly make bad decisions. One such decision for me was to move this blog to WordPress. But the sunk cost to keep that bad decision was enormous. With the increase of spam, new theme upgrades and so on. The time spend was just not worth it. The good thing is that if bad decisions take time. Good decisions can relieve us from the time we waste. Remember, when you make a bad decision, don’t stay there but revert it as soon as possible, learn from it and make a better one.

Saturated market

 I saw a new tool that is used by serial entrepreneurs in America and it is called Genius link. It seems like the same old concept with link tree for Instagram and so on. I can't believe that similar tools just pop up like mushrooms. But this is the case when your product is not unique and it is easy to copy, you end up paying the price of being in a saturated market.

Change the way we do the work

 Technological companies used the word “transformation” a lot in the past 10 years, so much that it lost its meaning and become a buzzword. But transformation is really happening. AI will help us by reducing the boring things and summarize long text. If we fear transformation, we fear the progress. And if we fear the progress, we are just stuck. There are many things I like in the transformation and being an early adopter. One of those things is my automated robot that cleans the floor. Do you think I enjoy cleaning? No, I prefer to use my time productively and I welcome the tools that will bring this benefit to my life!

The important thing is not what you think

 There is so much noisy in the world and on social media. People share scandalous things and hope for likes and shares. But most of the things shared are not for you. They are just a distraction. It is nice to express your own opinion, but also you must understand that you can’t care about everything all the time. Then this will end up in addition to news and the quality of your life will significantly decrease. The better approach is to limit your time on insignificant issues, especially on the social media and focus on the few things that will increase the quality of your life.

Validation of assumptions

 As a software engineers, we need to validate different assumptions to reach to the most optimal design. As human beings, we need to adopt a similar approach to dating. There will be trial and error, but once we know our constraints, we will be able to find the optimal match. What do I mean when I write constraints? There are external and internal constraints, just like designing a program. Internal constraints are our own “limitations” and external one are our potential partner’s one. Our own limitations can be our social upbringing, our education, our status in the society, our preferences in terms of hobbies and how we spend our time, where we live and where we want to live and so on. The same is true for the person we are dating. We need to assume some quality we think they have, based on initial conversation, and confirm or eliminate them. This seems like a stricly mechanical operation with lack of emotions, but it is not. Because only when we know we are compatible with someone w

On giving up

 I used to do Duolingo until I realize what I am missing. I could still continue doing this bad habit, like I wrote on my post about the demotivating  environment  or I can do something about it. I choose the latter, and I am thrilled about it. I prefer to not lie to myself that I am making a progress, but made that progress. And this can only happen with a conscious decision and with an achievable plan.

Demotivated by the environment

 As a child, we don’t have a saying with whom we will spend our time. When our parents told us we will go out, we would go out, when they told us we will meet these children, we meet them and so on. When we become adults, and start living independently, you might think we would make better decisions, but this is rarely the case. We become children of the habits. If we were used to meeting nice people, we would become nicer. If we meet the wrong kind of people, we become like them. It is hard to start from the beginning. But it is important as an adult to create an environment that serves you and to do that with a conscious decision. Otherwise, you risk living your life miserably. Whenever you feel demotivated, look at how you spend your time and with whom. Make the change, see if it serves you or not and move on.

The privilege of being independent

 Today is the national holiday in America. The day on Independence. Few people and countries can claim to be independent. Politics and financial interests usually are in charge and not the will of the people.   That is why whenever you have enough funds to buy a home, to go on a vacation and have some reserves, you are relatively independent, and you should celebrate that fact. It is a nice privilege to have. And because of inflation and other economic factors, it might become something rarer today.

Not good at your job!

 You know about a few people who are terrible at their job, but they are still in the organization and you wonder why? Isn’t it better for an organization to be efficient? Apparently not, you can see it in big corporations who hire many people and when the economic situation shifted they immediately fired them. But what about those few individuals who are still horrible at what they do and are still here to stay? Most probably, their talent is their ability to stay, no matter what. You might think that this doesn’t concern you, and it might be true if we are thinking about only one bad individual. What about having a team with 2 or more people like that? Having more people like that in your team will lead to low morale for everyone. This is why you need to know in what kind of team you are part of and if you see more people like that, leave as soon as possible.

On hiding yourself

I read recently this post on LinkedIn related to don’t just post and hope something will happen. Create engagements and look for people like you and only then you can promote your product. It is so true. We usually hide ourselves in our work instead of doing the emotional labor and create a value for our community. There are plenty of opportunity, but most of them are hidden and we need to put our energy in building bridges, creating connections and finding those opportunities. Otherwise we are hiding ourselves in a meaningless work. And this is a time well wasted.

July 2023 update

 In July I will focus on my current job, my position as a secretary of BAN and the fact that I will reduce my weight to the desired number. The weight loss is one of the most challenging goal and my intention is to keep my weight for the long term and to escape the Jojo effect. This is something I was never good at, but I am also excited to add this skill to my belt of skills and to close one of my lifelong goals.