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End of the month update

 Update from November. I reached my ideal weight. Hooray.  Honestly, when I started this journey, I had 10kg higher weight. I was eating a lot and didn't move so much, because I hurt my hand 6 months ago. Now, I am going to the gym regularly and I achieved something that seemed impossible, and I'm proud of. This is an example of the power of the good habits and how we and only we are responsible for creating our reality.

What happened with BTC

 BTC is something I don't understand. The economy is declining and BTC is going up. How come? Where this money is coming from to pump such growth. Would this be the beginning of a disaster? What if next year many people sell on the high note? Could BTC go back to 18k? If someone knows, please share it with me. I would highly appreciate it. :)

Economic decline

 Few wars, pandemic and now an economic decline. It feels like the right thing to have, since we live in over-borrowing. I honestly don't know what to think about the current situation. The promised recovery won't happen until the end of 2024. What will the future bring? We have declined population, fewer job prospects and AI knocking on the door. I really hope this economic decline cycle will lead to something better and we will move to more sustainable and brighter future.

On-line dating makes you insane

 There is nothing more frustrating than on-line dating. You meet very strange people and you have only 1% chance to find something worth exploring further. Meditation is something that helps me to keep sane. But it is a common opinion of my friends as well that if you want to become negative and hate life, try on-line dating.

Project management for no project managers

 I saw a situation where a person who is not a project manager was in charge of a project. The issue is that this person is perfectionalist and one thing the project doesn't have is the time to make everything perfect. Guess what it happened? The project run way overdue and over budget. This just proofs that if you need a project manager, trust the experts and their opinion and experience and don't hope things will run well, just because you found voluntold person to do the work.

Meditation is the key to happiness

 I have a experimenting with doing more meditation lately. It is an interesting experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone. Especially if you are surrounded by toxic environment, then you can discover interesting things about your relationship with the stress. Doing meditation shows me different ways to reach happiness. So indeed, meditation is one of the keys to happiness.

How to show up

 It is hard to show up to work if you don't like what you do. Sometimes the only thing you need to do is to change the environment and pursued your passion and gain skills somewhere else. Sometimes showing up to different people and fresh challenges is the best way to move forward.

Keep going

 Promoting your work should not be a onetime thing. You need to show up and promote yourself daily. Even if you got sick and tired of it, keep promoting yourself and keep showing up. This is the only way to make people remember who you are.


 You have a choice to make. Do you want to be in the back seat or in the driving seat? If you promote yourself, more people will know about you and more people will choose your services. If you are in the back seat, you will need to hope someone will notice you. You will hope someone will give you a chance and this might never happen.

Being too expensive

 You need to enroll your customer about the things you do and how you do them. If you can leverage your experience and prevent disaster projects, missed deadlines, then show it to your customer.  Create a story and explain why your skills are important to them, why if they don't hire you, the project will be delayed and the company might even lose employees or their competitive edge. Once they understand your skill set, then it is an easy decision for them to hire you!

Being generic

 Being generic is a sign of fear. You are hiding, pretending that this is the right way because this is how all people you know do things. Generic work leads to mediocre results. You can stand out by doing generic work. The only way to find satisfaction and recognition is when you take the risk of being wrong, when you take the uncomfortable decision to stand out from the crowd and share your true passion.

Struggle for democracy and freedom

 Yesterday, we commemorated the Struggle for democracy and freedom. I love such holiday, because it shows how fragile our society is and we need to stand for our values.   As an example, in the USA, there was a big acceptance towards the LGBT+ community, but in the recent years, this process reverse. This is true for other things we take for granted, including democracy and the fair election process.

Advancing in your career

 A lot of times big corporations are hard to navigate and to move forward career wise, this is why taking a contractual job and gaining the needed experience to move forward is so important thing to consider in your professional career.

Will chat GPT take over your job?

 I see many people who do just what is expected of them. In the future, this might be something we will be able to automate. I have seen people who are capable and do above and beyond. This is something AI won’t be able to achieve. One thing is to prompt for an answer, another thing is to receive proposals for something way better than what you anticipated in the first place. Invest in cultivating creativity and acquire the skill of enhancing value for both the team and the company, thus rendering yourself indispensable.

Look for opportunities

 The most risky thing in the world is to not adapt to the changes in your environment. If you stay the same, you might be able to survive one recession, but what about the next one? You might become obsolete really fast. This is why growing, having more opportunities and experience is a crucial thing in order for you to stay relevant.

The value creation economy

The grind days are real. With this economy, we can expect one year to be in decline, but the good thing is that people will start re-thinking they're priorities in life.  More sustainable and more enjoyable jobs will be created in the future because the future is in value creation, and you can make value when you value your own team.


I delivered a few vlogs, and I am very proud of the results. They are still working in progress, but at least with those vlogs I can learn and make them better. I love to share my knowledge and stories with the world, and this is something I plan to do more often. But if we want to do that, you and I, we need to be disciplined and monitor and prioritize our time.

Startup vs investment

 One of the worst investment in the world is being in a startup. It is extremly high risk, the reward is amazing when it works, but when it doesn't then it is extremly bad. Therefore, you need to be very careful where you put your time on.


 Nothing to add here. I am still recovering from the stress, but I have the motivation to write on this blog and to continue with more projects which is a good indicator that I am getting better.

Just a little bit stressed

Mental health and too much stress is a real threat to us all. We need to be very careful what we do, because this week I managed to lose 1 kg, which is both good and bad thing. When you are stressed it is hard to think about the joke of "Oh, I am getting so skinny". When you need a help, please reach out and don't keep it to yourself.

Sibling's birthday

 Today my brother has a birthday and I decided to send him something from Amazon. In the past, he used to wear one particular size t-shirts, but now he is too skinny so I kind of didn't get his size, or at least I decided to buy one size larger just in case the t-shirt is too tight. I don't mind wearing tight clothes, but I know this is not for everyone. Well, he is the kind of person who will tell me when something is wrong and he did, so I will know for future years on what to improve. It is the best to get somebody the right present, but sometimes with life and with goals, maybe just showing up, providing the gesture and improve is way better than doing nothing.

Being a software architect

 Being a software architect is a very difficult job. Few people can balance between business requirements and system design. You need to know the story of the system, what it can do, and it is worth updating it. If you failed to do that, you will end up with a Frankenstein of a solution. Therefore, when someone says that they receive an opportunity to be an architect just because they did poorly in their previous position, I am getting worried and most of the time I am right to be afraid. The architecture is horrible, and the design is equally bad. Usually, those people come to you and ask you to propose things, but rarely listen to you. So, the best thing to do is to state your opinion but let them burn and learn from the mistakes. After all, it was not your decision to make them an architect and fighting with the system and culture should be saved for really significant problems.

The recipe for a winning a hackathon

  One year ago, we won the Cassini Hackathon and proudly represented Czech Republic. I come up with the idea and gathered the team members on the spot. We didn't know each other before, but we proved that with good leadership, the right mindset and idea, we were able to deliver something that could impress the judges. This is the true meaning of being an agile and adapting to change and deliver things in a tight schedule. I am greateful for this opportunity and the amazing team who trusted the idea and my presentation skills to pitch it to the jury.

Small incremental steps

 I wrote a lot about my difficulty in having one day of doing nothing. I know that in the past, this was the life goal of dedicating one day to doing nothing, and this is still something on my mind. So far, I have failed to be successful in it. I believe in small incremental steps, and I am sure that at one point I will reach the goal.

The missing sign of a professionalism

 The older I get, the harder it is to find people who are willing to behave like professionals and invest in their self-development. Usually, people reach some point in their late 20s and they refuse to learn and experiment and grow. At a later stage of your life, it is not about how smart you are, but what connections you have. Therefore, a lot of smart people choose to do entrepreneurship instead of just being a small part of an enormous machine.

Friday dilemma

This Friday I was finishing some video editing project. The dilemma I was in was the following. Should I stay and work or go out and have some fun? But just going out with friends and drinking is not something I am so much into these days. I prefer to go to events where I can grow as a person and a lot of the time it is impossible to do so, if you don’t change the perspective and change the people you surround yourself with.

Startup network events

 Today I went to a student startup event. There were supposed to be around 90 registered students, but there were around 20. Which is around 22%, not too bad and a good success rate, especially for busy students. What I understand from this event is that it is a hard job to promote and attract people and everything is about being consistent. If you cannot be consistent, better not do it at all.

October update

 In October, I had been busy with developing and experimenting with video recording and scripting. It was a really challenging month for me, since I feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera. I now can understand why so few people are delivering video content and exposing themselves to the world. On the other hand, I feel like this is something that will provide me an edge in the future once I start producing more educational content. So, I keep my fingers crossed. I will re think, the daily blog initiative at the end of this year. It seems like it is too much work and not enough benefit. The one way I can move forward is to move it to weekly updates.