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The end of first quarter

 First quarter is over. Businesses provide earning reports. How about you? Did you earn more in terms of health, life balance and friends these 4 months or your quality of life stayed the same or worse? Regular reality checks can give us discomfort, but they are crucial for our growth.

Trusting people

 There are so many gurus out there. As I wrote about The person who couldn’t practice their own advice   , you must verify and re-verify what people are selling to you. If not, you risk wasting your time and money.

Making your bed

 Do you have time to make your bed in the morning? In a TedX speech, according to this US admiral making his bed is the key This is definitely the only way to feel like accomplishing something in the morning. What other ways you can think of to create the same feeling?  

Choosing career over life

 The great resignation shows us that this generation chose life over career. How about you? Are you stuck somewhere and feel force to stay? Think about your life and career and if they are not aligned, now it is the time to make the shift.

Adventure lust

 The older we get, the less exciting things become, and that is a good thing. Imagine you have to do so many things for the first time. It could be exhausting, especially if work has already taken 8 hours of your day. Stop daydream for better or different plan. Instead, plan some adventure trips and activities to have something to look for and satisfy your need for variety.

Way out

 A way out or so-called exit strategy is important. How long will you be in a toxic relationship, toxic job environment, and so on? It is very important to plan and not procrastinate. Use time boxing as described here The procrastination cure. Maybe your time box will be a year or more, but once this is over, just make the switch and go your way out.

Who created big corporations

 Many people are complaining about big corporations and big banks. The reality is those companies started as small businesses and at some point they gained other companies and, by reducing their competition; they reduced their quality too. Maybe this is a repetitive strategy, but before complaining, first see if there is an alternative or something you can create and do the switch or create the business.

Big corporation struggles

 If you want to be noticed in a big corporation, this is almost impossible. It is not for everyone. So you need to push your way to the top. But are you willing to invest so much time and energy? Sometimes, starting a new venture in a small company makes way more sense.

Performance reviews

 Are performance reviews needed? For the company for sure, it provides an excuse to increase or not your salary. So a question you might ask is how to make the performance review being at your advantage.

The missing manual

 Having a home opens so much opportunities and fears. Only then you realize how little you know about building furniture and other stuffs. Is the home industry a closed community where people expect you to know your way in? If yes, this needs to change, because figuring out things on your own, especially for such expensive investment, is a hard thing.

Being tired

 Being tired is an excuse. Why am I tired is a journey? A journey to discover bad habits that could be turned around. Don’t setter for the straightforward answer of why you are tired. Change your sleep, diet or stress level and you will be amazed.

Enforced deadlines

 We love to procrastinate. It is not so much about the love, but mostly because we were not taught any better. Enforced deadlines is one way to go in dealing with procrastination. Just put a time frame and see what will happen. You will fail for sure, but hopefully iterating enough time will give you the sense of how to become better and reduce your procrastination cycles.

Being relatable

 Being relatable is an amazing skill. It makes people like you more. The easiest way is to have common topics to talk about. If you struggle to make connections with people, most probably you are not relatable to them.  

Enjoy life

 The weather is getting better. Will you enjoy the life or do the work? For many, there is a simple answer. But I like to ask a tougher question. How can I enjoy my life while I do the work?

Please update me!

 Who's job it is to keep systems up and running? For normal worker updating their system is not a priority, it is not linked to any deadline. But for IT people, this is crucial. This introduce 2 different needs. How long will you ignore the update on your system screen? Some people will choose to do it indefinitely. That is why enforcing rules and having policies is so important.


 Don't show up before you practice! Your audience expects you to be good or even great, but never perfect. Don't procrastinate to make your pitch perfect, but make it your best ever! I have seen way too many startup pitches that are horrible, because the people didn't practice. Don't crush your chances of a success.

Location Location Location

 Don't forget that location is important. It makes a big difference if you want to make business in Afghanistan or USA. It makes a big difference if you want to promote environmental projects in Africa or Europe. Understating the worldview of the people in your location is important. Sometimes importing ideas from another place is doomed to fail.

Are NFT a scam

 There was a big fuzz about NFTs. In the worlds of a friend: People invented the internet to use images for free, and now NFT made them paid again. There is nothing useful or interesting in an NFT jpeg image. But you can still buy them and many people do. Why is that? One added value sellers promote is having NFT with a shape of a monkey or another animal gives you exclusive rights to be part of a community. But for this to work, more and more people must be part of that community. If you don’t see a value in that, for you, NFT is a scam and a worthless way for people to get rich. What you must understand is that for the majority of people, this is a scam and something not sustainable and, for the rest, is a way to attract more people in their community and sell them more stuffs.

Problem solving vs give up

 To give up means to quit, to escape and this society considers as a shameful activity. However, sometimes you need to give up to actually solve a problem. You need to give up on your own old mental models. Maybe on your previous points of view. You need to give up and adopt to the new paradigm and the new reality. Give up and start should not be considered as shameful, but a new way to look and solve a problem.

Fake news and fake opinions

 Fake news is a big issue. It is hard to distinguish between what is real and what is not. The next big issue is that the medias are not very honest and their point of view depends on who owns the media or who pays for advertisements. Fake news and people who are exposed to them lead to fake opinions. This leads to real conflicts. Before you start any conflict, ask the other person what sources they use. This might show to you that the effort to convince someone might be greater than the reward and it is far better to move the discussion from opinions, back to the sources, and just asking the other person to read your sources would be a big win.

To standardize or to innovate

 The European Union plans to enforce a standard plug USB-C for phones and laptops. The main point is reducing the garbage. It is true that we end up having many chargers and even now I am forced to use USB-C, USB-A and mini USB. The other point of view is "what about innovation", once you standardize technologies, engineers are not so keen to keep innovating. But look at the power plug, there are a few global standards. This is a big issue because things bought in the USA might not work in EU and vice versa. But inside USA and Europe, people get used to this technology and are not complaining that power plugs are not innovative enough. You must take the criticism into an account, but if the value is greater than the implication, this is a right indicator you are on the right way.

Non-profit vs for-profit

 For-profit organizations rule the world. Their main stakeholders, the public, are still the decisive factor thanks to the competition. However, non-profit, because of their unique and ethical point of view, provides a balance in the mix. For profit could spy on people to understand better what they want and to gain a competitive edge. But non-profit would argue that this practice is immoral and should be illegal. Having a non-profit or a powerful community inside of your organization could help to enrich it and provide a better balance between revenue gain and being ethical.

Old vs New

 There is a natural order law in the world. The first generation will rule until the next one catch on. The shift of the generations means a shift in the values. This also leads to conflicts. You can see it in many governments led by the "new". The challenge is how to transform this new energy into something productive? How you can transform your department and involve the experienced old and the upcoming new generation? Because there is no value in conflict, but there is a huge value in synergy.  

The children game

 Childrens are innocent and playful and they are very good at making up games to play in. They involve adults easily in the games they play. And the games usually are pure imagination with rules made by the children. This is perfectly fine as a child, but what if adults do this? I had observed numerous scammy models where people ask for your adult non-imaginary money and promise you impossible things. This is happening now with many crypto projects, but the adults still want to play. This time out of greed. If you see something being a game and you know something to be a game, expect to have sooner or later losers and winners and the children always win. If you are not the child in the game, it is better to rethink your strategy.

Asking the right questions

 Asking questions is hard. The thing is, if we want to learn something important; we need to exchange it with something equally important. There is the law of give and take. We can't expect people to share with us important information, if they don't trust us. Equally important is to see us as someone who can understand the message. That is why, don't ask yourself why you can't reach to the right people, but ask yourself what you need to do and invest in, to attract the right people to help you!

Brilliant idea

 Sometimes the best way to get unstuck and come up with a brilliant idea is to generate new ideas. One straightforward exercise to do is to take a piece of paper and write a list of 100 things. 100 ideas for starting a business. 100 ideas to increase my income. And so on. After that, group them by the relevance and start exploring the top 3. Then the next and so on. Thomas Edison needed many tries to come up with a brilliant idea. This is what you must do as well, try, error and learn from it.  

The economic cycle

 We were all promised prosperity, and for a blink of a second, we had it! The economic was going amazing. The opportunities seem limitless. But then Covid came and everything went wrong. Isolation, stagnation and so on. The wheel of the economic cycle had turned in the opposite direction. Now, with more stagnation expected, it seems like a new chapter of opportunities and despair is about to be unleashed.