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When things go wrong

When things go wrong, you need to adjust your actions. To do that, you need to have a plan to compare your actions with the result you are getting. This is hard for you and me, but it is necessary if we want to improve ourselves each and every day.

keep going

In  Process is king I talk about process. In some literature, we might talk about it like habits. But without committing and doing the work, then everything is lost. Create a process, but also keep doing what you do.

Living in a small village

Have you ever lived in a small village? If you have, you will notice how many people meet at the central square and communicate. And this happens organically. Many companies try to force collaboration, but the truth is they just need to create an attractive space which will bring their works organically. If you have to send an email in order to encourage your employees to go back to the office, this might be the wrong strategy.  

The vacation depression

Have you seen colleagues who went on a vacation and after they go back they feel tired? This could be the fault of post vacation depression. Your colleague had over a week to chill and now they need to catch up with the work life. The only solution to this problem is to give them space and few days to recover before you give them a heavy workload.

Blank canvas

When everything is written, there is nothing more to write. This is the time to create new paths and new ideas. This is the time to start on a new blank canvas and create your new reality.  

Transparency issues

Some USA states are pushing laws on transparency. What do you think will happen when everyone knows how everyone else earns? Will this help companies and strengthen their culture or introduce jealousy and create chaos?   Why should a CEO earn a thousand times more than the rest of the employees? Could this be easily justifiable?

Time gainers vs time wasters

Social media could be a huge time waste if you endlessly scroll the feeds, but it can be equally good time gainer if you use it to catch up with distant friends. It is up to you how you choose to use the technology. And remember, sometimes do nothing and rest is way better strategy than wasting your time with endless scrolls.

Boring days

Everyone will like your pictures from a holiday, but none will care about your boring days. And those days are so important for you to practice your craft and work towards your goals. Enjoy your boring days and do the most out of them. Make them a stepping stone towards being more successful.

The incontrollable urge

The incontrollable urges are things we want to do and say which are not in our best interest. Take small kids as an example. If they wanted to be successful with their parents, they will do what they were told to. But small children need to learn that lesson the hard way. Adults, on the other hand, don’t have such issue. Or the society expects that from them. But you can still see so many adults behaving like children.    

Work day vs vacation

There are 2 kinds of people. The one who work hard and seldom take a vacation and the other one who work okay ish and dream to go on a vacation. Both strategies are bad for you. Without vacation and rest you won’t get new ideas. And without working hard and finding the work you would satisfied with you will waste 8 hours of your life.

The starting startups

There are people always thinking about creating a startup, but never do it. Don’t be one of those people. Create a plan, a hypothesis and start working on the change you want to introduce to the world.

The superficial problem

A superficial problem is a symptom of a problem. You have a limited amount of time and the best thing to do with that time is to focus on a problem worth solving. Too many people try to solve superficial problems. We don’t need another app promoting fitness exercise. We need more health education to help young people be healthy. But this requires changes in the education system and that is an extremely hard and difficult problem, but a problem that could change a nation.  

The visitor experience

Being a tourist, is glamourous. But it is a facade to the underlying vibrant place with its beauty and problems. Only when you live like a local person, you can be truly empathic and be able to start a business by solving crucial problems.

How to argue with superior

There are some managers that it is very hard to argue with. Better yet, just don’t do it at all. Adopt their point of view and move on, because they are not ready to change. And you are not ready to waste your time either. Change is a slow process. You might need to rally a lot more supporters before your manager finally gives in. Always assess if your energy is well spent on what you do and if you feel there is too big resistance, you still have some options inside or outside of the organization.

Vacation aka company's stress test

Do you know people who only talk about vacation, but never take one? It is surprising, but a very common thing. If you don’t take a vacation, you will never know how resilient your team, department, or company really is. And this might scare some people, but it is a necessary stress test.  


It never happens to me, but what if your flight is overbooked? What would you do? This morning I was told there is a chance I won’t make it on my flight because of overbooking. The airline informed me and mentioned they could re-route me to a different intermediate step. I felt a lack of options and lack of control. Therefore, whenever you are doing business or you are in a relationship, you need to trust that the other side does everything possible in your best interest. Even if you don’t always agree with the decisions made. Going with cheap airlines might cost you the comfort, but going with a professional airline as I did will give you security that no matter what they do, you will reach in time to your final destination.


Calendar remind us of times where we need to celebrate. Sadly, most people don’t find so many occasions to celebrate as an adult compare to as a child. But we need to find the time to do that. Life is too short! And without the spice of surprise and celebration, is it really worth living? Each day, find something small to be grateful and celebrate about the day and you will see a greater improvement in the quality of your life!

Fixing the core problem

There are so many niches these days. But do they really fix their core problem? Let me give you an example of a business model. Very few people want to be lonely, but also very few people want to meet strangers. This is a problem. And if you have been to any networking event, you will definitively know that there are very real reasons why people feel anxious. Meeting new people can be exciting or incredibly frustrating. So instead, the companies created a cure called alcohol. But this is not really a cure. Many people overuse and abuse with this substance, just because of stress or social pressure. Did alcohol solve the issue of meeting people or made the things worse? If you look at the statistics of all the alcohol abuse, it definitively didn’t help a lot. Did Instagram solve the problem of being more connected with people using pictures? Again, no, it just created more social media addiction. When you create a business, look for a way to solve the core problem first, because we defi

Too much noise for nothing

Have you ever listen to politicians? Every speech of the opposition is about how disastrous the ruling government is. And the opposite, every speech of the government is how they are amazing. This is called noise. It is meant for the uneducated voters who are driven by emotions. But as in Being wrong you understand that for their voters the risk of being wrong is low. But how about the people with status? They risk way more. They will carefully adjust their opinion on-line. And this is the way to reduce the noise. Find people with status you trust and see how will they react to the political news in your government or inside of your organization.

Too little things going on

We passed the 6 months marked and honestly I need to do less things and there must be less things going on in the world. From political disputes to wars, the events that surround us are too much and we need to start filtering all the crazyness to be able to focus on the most important things.