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Goodbye 2021

 Here is my retrospective of what I had done during last year. This year was quite interesting in terms of experiences I made my first sushi roll Got the luck coin from a Taiwanese dambling Recorded a lot of podcast episodes. I delivered a bunch of trainings and 2 months long on-line trainshop. A lot of running and sport activities Joined an amazing Tony Robbins event Study hard and passed a bunch of exams. Got sun tanned on the beach and on my balcony Got my certification in scuba diving Met amazing people Travel a bit Lead my team to pass two audits at work Supported the Startup ecosystem with trainings and mentoring Got my 3rd vaccine Moved to a new place   Goodbye 2021 and thank you for all the fish!

To crypto or not

 One trend of 2021 is the raised, and the sailed of the crypto currencies. The adoption is getting bigger and bigger. Now we see the introduction of NFTs. Will this be the future and the uptrend in 2022? Look at the post about experts . At the moment, no one knows where the future will lead. However, having big players promoting it means that some of them will get even richer. So it might be a good time to enter early and exit early. Or maybe you would stick to your ethics and skip making money out of the craziness. Only you, based on your world view can decide.

New Years resolutions

 Why do we make resolutions? I know lots of people who don't. And it is okay. But statistics show that people who have long-term goals are more successful than others. So, instead of new year resolutions, how about implementing yearly performance review for yourself! Where are you with your goals? Maybe this way you won't start from the beginning each year, but you will continue from where you left and increment faster this time and this year.

Define an expert

 It is important to be informed. In the past, knowledge was power. There were few but very knowledgeable people who could tell us where the trends will move. Today, everyone is an expert. Anyone can create video and try to convince us they are right! Being an expert is a loose definition. This is why when you read news and other articles you must be really selective about whom you listen to. Otherwise you might bet your future on the wrong trend and someone else's agenda!

The lack of progress

 People think that lack of progress is a bad thing. But it is really an indication that what we do is not working. The way to break the negative pattern is to do something different. Have better goals, spend time with better people, dream bigger. Those are the things that will improve the quality of our life. Taking actions and seeing if it works or not. Everything else, such as watching the YouTube or Netflix just to escape the reality will not help us!  

Reducing the noise

 Building new habits is hard. There is still too much noise around us. Stimulated by Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels. On top of that, friends and family constantly want our attention to do things together. How could you complete that course, read that book, finish that exam with so much buzz? You must book it on your calendar! No matter what you do, first book it on your calendar and try to finish the most important tasks in the morning while the others are still in bed. This is one proven way to be effective in life. Have a dedicated time that no one could bother you and just work on your tasks!  

Active vacation vs passive vacation

 Every needs time to rest. Being with the family is a wonderful thing. However, it is still up to us how we will spend this time with them. Would you choose to create lasting memories by doing something together? It could be cooking, drawing, playing games. Or you will choose to spend it by doing something passive, like watching TV. Funny, but no one I know had ever said how enjoyable was watching the movie "Home alone" for the 10th time, but people who really enjoy the holiday find a way to create magical moments. I hope you will create magical moments as well.

Merry 2021 Christmas

  Merry Christmas everyone. It is at this time of the year where we reach out to people who will appreciate and celebrate the holiday. No matter of your religious, Christmas has become one of the well-known traditions around the world. I remember my trip to Egypt during Christmas times and how the malls were all decorated with the symbols of that holiday even though the country is predominantly Muslim. This year, instead of spending your money on presence, invest your time and spend quality time with the people who mean the most to you. No matter, if you live in a different country or due to travel restrictions, you are unable to reach them. Find a way to make this moment special and hopefully, in 2023, we will have more opportunities to travel and spend more time together.

Is there unethical business model

 Every company needs resources to sustain itself. Those can be people, money, equipment and so on. So how the company will get those resources and how it will reach to their target customers is part of the business model discussion. Just because something is not illegal, does it mean it is ethical? It is a big question to answer. South park, being South Park had interesting thing to say and made fun of. The freemium business model. I really enjoyed their parody, because in a way this is how social media condition us today. Never ending scrolls. Multimedia after multimedia, and the illusion we are in control. In reality, it is the algorithms in control. Those same algorithms that we all feed with our behavior. In a way, we teach the machines how to slave us. Just look at this video and think about if the things you use promote such behavior: If yes, would you change something in your own behavior and life?  

The dark cost of bad service

What do you consider being valuable? For some it is healthy, for others will be time and for most will be money. Many people have the dream to get more money fast. But this post is not for that. It is about the awareness that the cheap will cost you more in the long term. You might save a few bucks now and then, but sooner or later will bite you. What I am referring here is buying cheap services. I was bitten recently by using ticket service agency, because I looked for the cheapest price. A big mistake. Now that I am calculating the extra charges, they asked me for and many phone calls. I think I paid a lot with my time, money and health. The moral of the story is to really check your sources before you decided to buy something cheap. I didn't check all the reviews in the Trust Pilot about this agency and only after the things got out of hand I left my review there and I saw that I am not alone. This is the hidden cost of trying to save. I tried to save time and money by using ag

The imposter syndrome

It is easy to be intimidated by people claiming they are experts. After all, they must have all the answers. Having an apartment, I tested my trust with multiple experts. You can easily verify who is really who claims to be. The imposter syndrome is real, unfortunately, so are the imposters. You must know what you are getting into. Starting a business, investing or anything else. It is easy to delegate responsibilities. How do you know who is imposter and who just have an imposter syndrome? The only way is to educate yourself, rely on recommendations and maybe having a little bit of luck.    

Fake vs real benefits

I am flying to Las Palmas and I am trying to figure out why there is only one lounge at that airport? My Master card World Elite gives me the bonus to use something that is really used by a majority of their customers and they present it as an amazing benefit. A lot of companies are trying to give you the impression of amazing benefit, but in reality they don’t provide you the value you seek. This makes them easily replaceable. A better offer would had been for me to receive miles for traveling or cashback. What I like is when companies create a complete ecosystem and give you access to their tier for free when you buy one of their products. This ensures you will experience way more pain when you try to leave them. When building a business, don’t just provide fake benefits, provide real value to your customers in order to keep them happy and make shifting to different service impossible.  

Use your limited time wisely

When you are young, you think you can influence a lot of things, but when you grow older, you realize you can only really influence a few of them. Knowing what is worth trying to change and what not is the key to be effective. You can’t just waste your time in trying to make the post office better if you are not willing to sacrifice your time and attention and create focus groups and reach the higher management.   As well as you can’t have a successful nonprofit organization without the sacrifice of few years to raise awareness about the problem you are trying to solve.   Just accept that your time is limited and instead of fighting windmills, focus on a small part of the trouble and fix it.

Lesson learned by watching Spider-man No way home

I went to see the new Spider-man movie, and it made me delighted. Recently I got sorry about the fact that the movies turned out to be longer and longer and after 1 and a half hours, actually boring. This is actually a nice analogy for productivity and how work which initially got you excited could become dull. Especially if your work or life becomes repetitive. Which is ironic if you think about it. On one hand, the key to success is to have stable habits , on the other having only stable habits might make your life miserable in a way. One example from my watching movie experience. There was a movie where the fighting scene was over 30 minutes long and this easily turned from delightful event to a dull and boring, repetitive action. What, in my opinion, makes action or fantasy movies easy to watch is a special spice, a mixture of drama and comedy and adventure. Otherwise, what I found for myself is that after a while I regret starting to watch the movie. This is also my only concern w

One proven way to increase the chance to be successful

What If someone told you “you can be rich, healthy and successful?, only by buying their system, would you do that? If you hear such a sentence, be aware, especially if it is a get rich quick scheme. There isn’t a shortcut in accumulating wealth, but there is one easy way to move faster towards your financial goal. I am more and more pondering on the power of systems. You and I are terrible at decision making, it take is long time to reach to some destination and by doing so we neglect other things in our life. And this is mainly genetic, our brains are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. If you make the wrong decision, that will generate pain and discomfort. That is why many people will stay with their habits and never change. It is just too difficult and painful to do so. This is where the systems come into place. Having a dedicated system for investing, working out and doing other activities is crucial, especially later in life. I am still working towards that part of

Emotion driven decisions vs data-driven decisions

I attended another startup pitch this week. Some ideas where if I put it in a better word emotionally. Startups hadn’t done a lot of work to validating their ideas, their vertical was eco transport and I will be the first to agree that there is a lot of potential to innovate. But is it possible to do so by not being backed by data evidence, or by just transferring ideas from one market to another? The issue that any startup could face is to introduce a meaningful idea in a market where it is not ready to adopt it. There were a lot of examples we could already learn from. Like Starbucks failing to capture the Australian market. Emotional vs data-driven decisions, when you should use each of them? You could use emotional decisions when you try to innovate the market. For instance, living on Mars is an emotional decision. There is no market for it yet, because no one had ever done it. Nevertheless, creating a franchise business in another market must make use of that data-driven

The ability to say no

 When you are in your 20s it is crucial to be able to say yes to things no matter how uncomfortable they are. The reason for that is simple. You need to find the things you really will like to continue doing in your 30s and so on. And the only way to do so is by experimenting. So being flexible, enthusiastic and hardworking are amazing qualities to have. Later in life, you must be more risk averse. There will be way more opportunities for higher positions compare to your 20s, but also way more opportunities to end up in a dead-end job. You must be very careful about what you say yes to and to what you say no to. In the highlight of the great resignation, which started last year and continue all the way through this and next year, it is important for you to really assess if the path you want to take is the right one for you. There is the FOMO effect and many people are trying to ride the wave of opportunities. The risk here is that if you say in your 30s yes to everything, yo

We all need a white canvas

 Today is my second post on this platform. What I really like here is that this space allows me to post without the fear of SEO optimization and any other strategies people do. The freedom to start and think from the beginner's point of view is amazing. No matter what you do, you must have a white canvas and set time aside for experiments. Only by doing so you can become better, because we all learn from our mistakes and mistakes can only occur while we try something new.