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The ability to say no

 When you are in your 20s it is crucial to be able to say yes to things no matter how uncomfortable they are.

The reason for that is simple. You need to find the things you really will like to continue doing in your 30s and so on. And the only way to do so is by experimenting. So being flexible, enthusiastic and hardworking are amazing qualities to have.

Later in life, you must be more risk averse. There will be way more opportunities for higher positions compare to your 20s, but also way more opportunities to end up in a dead-end job.

You must be very careful about what you say yes to and to what you say no to.

In the highlight of the great resignation, which started last year and continue all the way through this and next year, it is important for you to really assess if the path you want to take is the right one for you.

There is the FOMO effect and many people are trying to ride the wave of opportunities. The risk here is that if you say in your 30s yes to everything, you are saying yes to nothing. You must already know what your strength are and how to build your career going forward. Now it is time to be laser focused and pursuit your selected few dreams.

Stop saying yes and start saying no. No to the risky projects, no to side track activities and yes to goals that aligned with the skills you want to acquire and develop further!

By saying no to side activities, you say yes to your main vision and mission in life.

What you can do as an action immediately after reading this is to analyze the last 7 days and see to what you had said yes and no to and if you feel drained and unmotivated, you might need to practice saying more “no”.


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