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The waiting game

 This is the end of the month and I hope the end of the time I am waiting for something. We wait for many things to grow up, to have peace and so on. But usually there are only a few things we can do. We can learn a skill, donate money and so on. It is important to do those few things regularly and to move on. After all, waiting game is a killer game. It kills our time and our potential.

Not worth your time!

 Every time you want to make a discussion, there is a particular group on social media and in the real life that doesn't listen and it is just there to say what they believe in. The issue is that you come prepared for intellectual dialog and they come to share their fear. And unfortunately, fear doesn't give us a room to grow and start thinking. Fear is the opposite of change and growth. So, if you end up in such a discussion, don't waste your time. Just thank the person and move on!

Heat on is the wrong way to go

 Heated discussions rarely lead to any productive outcomes. The issues is that people might be not mature enough to hear another point of view. The challenge is how to make your points be heart without affecting other people. Because, for some, destroying their arguments will mean destroying their identity and ego. This would never happen. That is why if you want to change someone's opinion you should be very careful and spend weeks with them discussing their viewpoints and hopefully they will start to be curious about your viewpoint as well. Instead of heated discussions, switch to curiosity conversations, this is the right path to convince someone.

The automation

 Habits are a fantastic thing when they serve your goals. Things like working out. But replace that good habit with the scroll of death, e.x wasting time on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter threads. At the end of the day, you wouldn't want to go to bed with a feeling you wasted your time, right? There is the opportunity to automate things you otherwise would miss. Automate your decision making. Make your day as boring as possible for at least 60% of the time. You will know when to go to the gym, what to eat and what needs to be done that day, maybe even what new things you will learn. The rest can be flexible and yet with the flexibility brings the choice, would you will waste it on things that make you look and feel bad?  

The wannabes

 Coaching by itself is a great tool, but there is a big cliche in the coaching business. People who had never been great at someone or have so little brand themselves as coaches for greatness or coaches for abundance. It is really ironic. Those wannabes might actually do more harm than good. That is why it isn't a bad thing to start and to walk the path of the beginner, but in this profession, it might be better to have a supervisor. As with every profession working with people, you need to walk the path yourself before you are able to do it to others. Guess what, many coaches are not doing that. That is why be very careful when a coach approach with a shiny site and lack of credentials.  

The next chapter

 What if there was next better chapter for you! We all try to survive the boring work, but what if after that there was something better? Would you be more motivated if you know that in 1 day, week or month, things will change? We all define our state of boredom, and we all can as easily escape of that state. Just focus on what the next chapter of your journey will bring to you!

Political talks

 There is nothing like listening to politicians talk. They try to adjust everything to their own reality. Don't expect to hear the complete truth. But if you tune in to their talks, you can learn a lot about the people who support them and for their internal narrative. The moral of the story is don't expect politicians to give you correct information. When you need such information, talk to experts. They might be not so confident and give you a few options and not the only true path. And this is good, because the end decision and opinion must be always up to you!

Sometimes running is not the right option

 We rarely give ourself permission to be slow. Especially for things which are far better to be slow at. It is part of our culture and modern society to look busy and to hurry. There are few things being slow at is preferable choice. Losing weight and investments. Investments can have big consequences for you, both positive and negative, so is losing weight. If you don't do it right. It is very hard to go back on the right track. Instead of being in a hurry, looking around for your options and chose wisely your strategy.

The curse of overusing comparisons

 Selling is a game of emotions. The seller tries to attach the meaning to their product of what you seek as a buyer. Confidence, success, even sex. But what happens when everyone starts to overuse specific words? For example: "This event is for overachievers", "Mega successful people do this" or "Trillion dollar habits". Sellers try to outsmart others by putting bigger words on their products. In the end, it is not about them, but about us. Maybe we need to adapt to a new way of thinking, where less is more. Don't look for trillion dollar habit book, but instead habits that will make you deliver on consistent results. It doesn't sound so sexy, but building business should be a boring and consistent path. If you are excited and have to "extinguish fires" in your bussiness each morning, this is not the life you can sustain in the long run.  

View point

 The of Johnny Depp can teach us few things. It is hard to judge who is wrong, or right, everything is a viewpoint. But viewpoints are irrelevant if you don't have evidence and strong support of that. Love is love, but if something is wrong, you better be prepared to document everything just in case you end up being accused wrongly.  

Trends are temporary

 Initiatives seeing important before become obsolete now. The green deal, moving to gas sources as one example. Covid-19 threat was a big deal, but now since the war outbreak, there is no mentioning of that. The issue with chasing trends is that sooner or later, they will fade away. Businesses made to satisfy the fears of some will disappear and new will appear. It is up to us if we want to chase trends or build a lasting business.

Where is the clapping

 The sign of adulthood is when you are able to solve your own issues and no one is there to congratulate you! When you are a child, your parents and society congratulate you for the good and mature things you did. And this gave you a confidence boost. When you are an adult, literally no one cares besides you. But that is good. This means you already achieved something great. Now it is the time to change the dialog. Shift the paradigm of I need clapping and acknowledgement by others, to I am capable and confident to do new things. This narrative is uncomfortable, because suddenly we are being responsible for all the success and failures we bring upon ourself. Yet, this is a good sign. If you do something amazing and there is no clapping, it means you are a mature person and you can continue doing great things. You can be your own cheerleader and occasionally when you do something amazing not only for yourself, but for others, this is the time to share it with the world.

The technology shift problem

 There seems to be an agreement that the internal combustion engines must go extinct. What would that eventually mean for the world? Some statistics point out that 46% of the oil demands worldwide go to cars. Reducing it significantly will help humanity to get a better air quality and a better life. But, there is a catch. Many businesses are built around the oil industry and many nations rely on this revenue. How would this shift affect them, and are they prepared for a future, where their power is diminished in favor of the next technological revolution?

It doesn't affect me

 Many people would agree that other people's problems will not affect them. But now increase the scale, and instead of people, think about countries. The world is so connected that a catastrophic event in one place could affect the entire chain. The issues of the country is really a collective story of the issues of their people. Thus, we should be empathic and try to help not only ourselves but also others. When we are okay and they are okay, we all will live in a better place.

Too many things on my agenda

 When there are way too many things on your agenda, what do you do? Do you do them all or give up and reschedule everything for another time?   Doing too many things per day is a sign of poor planning. It is far better to achieve one significant thing per day than nothing at all.

Too much uncertainty

 What if there is too much uncertainty? Would you try to fight it, escape thinking about it, or freeze and do nothing? Those are the three responses the nature gave us to fight any unknown. How are you handling the uncertainty so far?

Social media buzz

 Wasting your time while reading comments on social media is just that, a waste of your time. Most people who comment on what experts are saying are not there to contribute to the discussion. Most of them are just there to state they exist. The challenge is, how can you distinguish between a valuable high-level comment and discussion and the mass disinformation and bee hive buzz? It is the answer to a trillion dollar problem.

The certification trap

 I read an article about life coaching. People are spending literally thousands of dollars with the promise to receive a paper. Well, this paper is worthless unless you practice. Practice is worthless unless you can reach out to your target group. Reaching out to the target group is worthless unless you have strong credentials and track record. Suddenly, you might realize the hard truth - the certificate is not enough. The skills you need to build a coaching business are the same skills needed to build any other business. There are no shortcuts. Don't fall into the trap that a certificate gives you the permission to be successful.

Status quo

 How come in developed societies there is still poverty and inequality and at the same time there are so many initiatives to save other countries from it? It is really easy to be angry with the politicians who want to chase their ratings by helping other nations. But when your own nation suffers, how can you justify it? One of the reason for that is the status quo. There is no such concept about the status quo where things are fundamentally broken. It is easy for a small effort to make significant progress. But this is the establishment trap. In this trap fall many big corporations. They have built so many defences preventing them from changing, that it is far easier for their employees to create a new company and do the change, compare in their current one. Do you want your country, company or organization to be successful? Create an environment where the status quo can be challenged and changed for the better! Only then people will actually start contributing to the change, but until

Keep up the progress

 A lot of time we give up on something. And the reasons may be few. We were way optimistic about the time we need to set aside. This habit was not so important to us. We got distracted, which indicates a lack of skills to prioritise the most important thing. And lastly, this might have not been so important for us. Choose your excuse, or better yet, don't and just do it or find something else that you can really progress towards.

The cahoot syndrom

 Cahoots are form of collectivism where people gather around with a particular goal. There are learning cahoots that are very popular, and there are all sorts of cahoots. But what would happen when cahoot is created with a one major goal to speculate on the market? Well, October 1929 provided the answer when the stock market in the USA crashed. What would happen if BTC or other crypto currencies are owned by tribes of people who speculate? It is happening even now, many Discord channels are doing pump and dump tactics. This could in a short term really undermine the sound economics of the asset. Be very carefull what the group is telling you to do, because in the short term you might be good, but if you are investor and not speculator, the long-term future would be definitely paintful.  

Broken policies

 Working for a big corporation, I have my fair share of suffering global policies. The issue is that the command-and-control line is long broken. We are surrounded by "yes" people and by people following orders. This is how wars are started and conflicts break out. Because the people from the bottom will ultimately pay the price.   Today my laptop stop working and the screen was blank, why? Because someone decided it is a good policy for your screen to go to sleep after 1 minute of inactivity. Is this right? Do we really need to click and do something every second just to fulfil some CEO wrong ambition for "productivity"? This is one example why big corporations don't necessary play well and compete well with others. Because instead on relying on the talant, they rely on broken policies.

The lost track of goals

 You might not always achieve your goals. There will be the time to look at them really hard and decide on which to continue chasing. Just to have lost goals which you try to achieve periodically is not a good strategy. Instead, try to prioritise using this strategy. Let go of everything that is not important to be able to embrace the things you find the most valuable of!

Fast Credits as an indicator

 There is the big mac indicator of how rich a country a society is, but there should be another indicator. The fast credit indicator to show how poor the financial education of a society is. Anyone may need money, and fast credits are a very tempting option. But there is a huge price to pay. For each "small" credit, there is a big percentage to pay as fees when you return the money. So you should be very careful about what you want to spend such credit on. The last thing you want to use it for is buying the latest model phone or a luxury excursion.

The plan that failed

 Planning is a vulnerable thing. When we plan, we manifest vulnerability. People can hold us accountable. Many people plan nothing just because of that. But having a failed plan is way better than no plan! In the end, it is not about managing the plan, but managing our emotional state, when eventually the plan failed and we need to adjust it.

When to say no

 It is easy to say Yes to everything. In fact, we are all trained to be a yes culture. But when we say yes to others, usually we say no to our own needs and ambition. Therefore, the best time to say no is the now. Say no to negative media and pointless activities and start to say often yes to things that will make you grow as a person.  

Goals vs desires

 Having the latest phones, sharing a lot on social media and so on. Achieving status or just bragging about things. Many of those activities are done to validate ourselves and have our desires fulfilled. However, those desires are short leaved. After every major trend, there is another one and another one. It is a never-ending story. What about goals? Goals should be long-term activities. When performed right, you should reap the rewards. Goals are hard, but also provide you with a greater satisfaction. The hardest thing in life is to be able to reduce the instant gratification.  

Cancel culture

 The hardest thing in our times is to have an opinion and want to share it. With all the fake news spread around, you can see who of your social media "friends" share similar opinions like you and who not. You can also learn what people living in different countries think about the current political situation. After you had observed and read things, you have the hardest decision to make. Should you cancel people who don't share your beliefs, should you try to educate them or maybe try to see their point of view too and accept them? In war times, it is hard to understand the opinions of others and sometimes you must ignore them. So who can we create a better world with all the cancel culture? Maybe the era of globalisation is over and we will now go back to our own bubble, country and tribe and refuse to speak to each other. What a world will that be?  

Social media freedom

 Many people see the enormous waste of time scrolling social media and yet no one is doing anything about it. The issue is simple, we can't predict how the waste of time will affect our life 5 and 10 years from now. Therefore, many people will happily choose to be slaves to the algorithms. How about you? Would you rather have exciting life 5 years from now or being slave to the social media algorithms?  

Personal branding is dead... kind of

 A long time ago, you have people from countries who were very popular and people from countries who were not so popular. As an expat myself, when I go to a network meetings there is a very common question we all ask: "Where are you from?". The answer to the question brings all kinds of stereotypical reactions to you. For instance, if you are from Czech Republic, people might ask you about the hockey or beer and so on. With the current world situation, we see a major shift in the perception of one country. We all know which. People who were previously welcomed everywhere are now isolated. Air traffic is blocked and so on. What would it mean for the citizens of that country? In the short term, they won't feel welcome anywhere and for many, this fact will feel unfair. After all, they might have nothing to do with the current situation. So even if someone is against the politicians who took unpopular decision, they will still face the criticism for it. We live in a global co

The N things to be successful

 Social media wisdom is all around us! The 3 steps to be motivated. The four habits to perform first thing in the morning. The 5 things to be successful.   It's a bunch of nonsense. But those articles sell well. Why we are always so in a hurry for a quick fix? Usually the cheap advice early on becomes expensive mistake later on. I know people who are in love with waking up very early in the morning. And I also know people who tried it and hated it, because they couldn't finish anything the entire day. Their energy was drained. I recently watch a video from the CEO of AppSumo who made a fun out of those nonsense. The truth is, there is no silver bullet. It's way better to understand the mechanics of those claims and check if they work for you and your lifestyle instead of blindly following the gurus and their claims. What are your favorite "The N articles" you have read?