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Status quo

 How come in developed societies there is still poverty and inequality and at the same time there are so many initiatives to save other countries from it?

It is really easy to be angry with the politicians who want to chase their ratings by helping other nations. But when your own nation suffers, how can you justify it?

One of the reason for that is the status quo. There is no such concept about the status quo where things are fundamentally broken.

It is easy for a small effort to make significant progress. But this is the establishment trap. In this trap fall many big corporations. They have built so many defences preventing them from changing, that it is far easier for their employees to create a new company and do the change, compare in their current one.

Do you want your country, company or organization to be successful? Create an environment where the status quo can be challenged and changed for the better!

Only then people will actually start contributing to the change, but until this happens, there will be always the big barrier built by the status quo.



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