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Digital detox

 Many people are doing this. The issue is that we spend so much time on pointless social media that we lose the track of what is really and truly important to us. Most of the time it is not likes and followers. But it is a real connection with people. I am still tempted to stop reading all the news, because they are equally bad as the social media. One exercise that anyone can do is, whenever you want to check social media or read the news, stop yourself and instead sit still. Planning specific time(junk time) for social media is also another good idea.

Chaos vs process

 When doing a handover, you need to have a process! I have seen many times how things go wrong. The right person didn’t document everything. The person who receive the handover didn’t know what to do. And this resulted in a formality that was never completed. It is a recipe for a disaster. When you have a process you need to follow, it limits you, but this constraint is a good thing. You know what you need to do, tick some boxed and move on. Then you and the other person will be satisfied with the end result.

To be part of the in-group

To be part of the in-group, sometimes you need to accept irrational behavior. To be visible by senior managers, you need to ask questions. Even if the answers to those questions won’t matter. Just showing interest is a big plus. But then the question is, do you really want to be part of that group? If your vision is aligned with that group and you want to be noticed, then the answer is simple. Sometimes, you must explore the core of the group to understand that it is really for you. You will gain deeper understanding and you can decide later on if you still want to be part of that group or move to another group that resonates more with your needs and aspirations.

A new project

 I am excited to share a new project I am doing and the first video is out. You can find it here: Most probably, I will do a few more until I feel really comfortable with the entire process of filming and editing, but this is an amazing thing. Also, I would love to resurrect the podcast as well. But let's do step by step.

Choose to do nothing

 It has been another weekend where I choose to do nothing, and I failed. It was actually a very productive Sunday. I was so tired from the spinning class and instead I went to the sauna to rest. After that, I arranged some things in my apartment and clean everything. I wonder how Seth Godin comes up with creative ideas for his blog. Sometimes I am out of ideas, but sometimes I have way too many ideas. I guess it is hit and miss, like everything in this world. So instead of feeling bad, I choose to do nothing, and this is okay.

Spinning class

 Did another amazing spinning class. I like the fact they keep different themes. Today it was a neon theme, and it was lots of fun. Same class, same format, but different. Isn’t this a good idea for life? Every day could be the same, but you could add something small and spend it slightly differently!

Friday goal

 Today I am meeting a friend who I know for 10 years. It is hard to find such people when you become an adult. Usually you want to spend time with like-minded people, but you drift away with your high-school mates and the only thing reminded is the fact that you can choose the people you spend your precious time with. So make your Friday goal or one day per week goal to spend time with people who provide a value to your life!

Being spontaneous

 Kind of tired these days, maybe because of the heat. I still remember the amazing trip I had. Budapest was so much fun. This is the reason today I bought a plane ticket to a different destination. Kind of spontaneous, but hey, you have only one life. Live it to the fullest!

The path to lease resistance

 There is no point to convince people to buy to toilet paper if they use leaves. There is no point in creating a change where change is not welcome. This is the dilemma of arguing with people and finding the path to least resistance. There is some old corporate cliche that many organizations live in a silo. It’s not the fact it is a lie, that makes it such a cliche thing to say, but the fact that people and departments tend to live in their own bubble. Change is hard for some and impossible for others. I had tried to open a discussion on some topics and once I see a person who might agree with the arguments, but state that their opinion is valid and that is all, I know that my time is done. You can’t change unchangeable mind. Not when the logic and facts are not welcomed. So what do we need to do then? Do we need to ignore such people and organizations altogether? It is a very complex question, with no simple answer to it. But what we can all do in such a situation is to assess our opt

Work can be just a work

 Supporting legacy code is tough, and you need a lot of motivation to do that. But who said you should like all the working days you spend in your life? Sometimes you will just need to do the work or clean the dishes or vacuum clean the house. 

Travelling is about being comfortable

 After the weekend trip to Budapest, it is time to recover. I took a train on my way back. It is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. But the AC wasn’t so strong compared to planes or busses. I wasn’t the happiest person in the world. And I dreamed of the rain I experience during the first day in Budapest. This is the thing with political push to adopt trains. There must not only be the message of how good it is for the environment, but also the financial support to make the train trips more pleasant. If there aren’t enough investments in the train systems, to be more comfortable and faster, all those efforts to reduce our carbon footprint will become just a wishful thinking. This is another take away. Don’t listen to political messages, see what those politicians are actually doing. Maybe we need more politicians to travel with trains to actually see a positive change in Europe.

A trip to Budapest day 2

 This is the day 2 summary. If you are curious about day 1, you can find it here:  Day 1 Today I visited the World Athletics championship, which was hosted by Budapest. I am a person who is not into huge events, but I was impressed by how supportive people were during the event. They cheered the most for their own sports people from Hungary, but there were also support for other athletes. The more famous they were, the higher the support. This is one of the takeaway. If you want to build a successful business, once it is done, people will remember your name and will cheer for you, but until this happens, you need to accept the fact that you are one of the many. After the end of that event, I went for some rest and tried a very touristic burger. I would admit that I knew it won’t be the best burger in town, but their branding was so appealing. This is another takeaway. Do something different from your competition. Distinguish yourself! There might be many burger places in Budapest, but

A trip to Budapest day 1

 This is my first day in Budapest. I come here for the national holiday celebrations. I have never been to August in Hungary, so this will be an interesting experience. Budapest surprised me with a huge storm upon my arrival. I was prepared for it, but still I wished the weather was better. I did some walking during the storm, which was not the most pleasant experience, but at least it wasn’t hot. After that I ended in some military event. There, the Hungarian military showed to the people some of their equipment, including anti-tank missiles, tanks, equipment for finding mines and a helicopter simulator. I liked the entire experience and the fact that the military personal was very welcoming and even accepting requests for making pictures with them. After so much walking and sight-seeing I ended the day in one of the famous Budapest spa. It was an amazing day 1 of my trip.

Flat-earthers vs Scientist

 I am watching lately a lot of debates on different topics, some more controversial than others. The point with the flat earth is that they move from an idea to almost a religion like cult. And it is interesting how they think that they are the right and the other side is wrong. They have this 100% certainty, they are the chosen one and they know the secret. This is a very powerful psychological state. Many people who feel insignificant in this big global world try to find a way to go back to being significant, and one way to go is to adopt radically different beliefs. The scientists, on the other hand, they are sceptical by nature, and this is a common element between scientists and flat earthers. The difference is that scientists will try to find as many ways to make a theory inapplicable, but if they can’t and the theory is predictable enough and proven over a long period, it will be good enough for them. As an example, we all know about gravity. Maybe in the future scientists will

Embracing uncomfortability

 We have only one life to live and it is important to have a conscious decision, who our friends are. This is a dilemma for most. On one hand, we have the people we know for a long time, but those people might not have the same ambitious or even don’t want to support us in the way we need. On the other hand, finding new friends circle is a hard job. It will make us feel uncomfortable. But everything that makes us uncomfortable only shows that we are about to do something different, something beyond our daily habits. And this is a good thing. Just by stretching our comfort zone, we will find a new and better ways to achieve our goals faster. What uncomfortable thing would you like to embrace today?

The die with zero attitude

 I am reading the book Die with Zero and even though it is way too long for the message the author wants to convey, there is something that I liked a lot. The comparison between investing in memory and experiences vs saving so much money. You might think that saving a lot of money is a great thing. But what if you can never spend them? Would you change your life if you know that in 2 years’ time you will have enough money to retire and do nothing? For some people, the answer will be yes and they could give themselves permission to stop working and start living.

The blessing of aging

 For many people, getting older is a curse. It is a disaster that they try to delay as much as possible. There is also the other side. When we get older we tent to move into our habits more. We are less flexible in our plans and we pursue comfort and quality spending of our time. This is actually a good thing. You don’t want to say yes to everything, because you have more responsibilities and your time becomes precious. So would you want to get wasted with strangers or do wine tasting with good friends? There is also the aspect of finding a partner. Usually if you are single, you have had a few relationships already and you know your worth and what you are okay compromising on and what is not. Let’s embrace the fact that getting older is a good thing when done right and invest our time to become a better version of ourselves every year.

Recovery after a party

 I am fascinated by the dilemma after being at a party the next day. “Shall I do something productive, or shall I recover?”, that is the questions. You can think all day of wanting to do something and never do it, but that is not productive and doesn’t help you recover. Instead, make a decision and whatever you choose, that is the right decision for you for this day!

 The power of the faith

 Reading the news and all the bad things happening can make anyone feel down. That is why we all need to believe in our better future. You might be obese, poor, or depressed. If you don’t envision a better future, you will never invest the energy to change. Because change is hard. We are designed like that. After a certain age, we seldom change. Babies change fast while they develop, but after your 20th years of age, the process should be already completed. Whenever you are not motivated to do the work, the first thing is to plan the end goal, a vision that is so appealing you will do absolutely everything to reach it. And after that, design a plan and apply strategies. This is how you can use the power of faith rightly.

The wrong kind of coaching business

 Business is hard. Especially when you start. As a coach, the main thing you need to advertise to your audience is what you bring on the table. By definition, coaches should ask questions and provide insights. But, the business already asks the same questions. So why would a business invest money and time to hire you? I am fascinated to see how some coaches want to validate their business model and provide services for free to big organizations. This is a very naïve approach, because big organizations don’t care about your services, your validation of the workshops, and so on. The big organizations want to provide value and not to waste one day of the team in workshops. Workshops with someone who wants to validate their business. Just reading such asks makes me wonder if such aspiring coaches are suitable for organizations focused more on constant productivity? Especially now with the changes in the business climate, nobody has the resources to stop the activities just to validate your

Lack of trust

 Companies desire to be innovative and increase their bottom line. But when there is a lack of trust in the management, in the HRs and in the leadership, this becomes a mission impossible. Trust is one of the crucial ingredients for success, this is why smaller companies are so innovative. People their know each other and trust each other. Huge corporations are different. Think locally, act globally doesn’t work. The only thinking is done in the HQ and the other branches just follow the orders like mindless drones. And the situation is obvious. The main office is complaining about the lack of innovation and nothing is happening or moving forward. People are kind of content to stay in the same place and the world continues turning around. The senior management can make as many surveys as possible, but at some point people will grow tired and ignore the loud voices, because they had seen, heard and experience enough. So how you as a local leader would change that? Or the other important

Pushing or pulling

 Corporate world requires you to think about strategies to achieve what you want. There are mainly 2 strategies: push something forward and pull something(use the situation) forward. In the first strategy, you are proactive. Maybe you have some leverage and you can use it. Maybe you have the authority to push a new policy and so on. Pushing when you are in a position of power is easy, and it is fast. There is no leadership in pushing. You just need to state what needs to be done and it shall be done. Pulling, on the other hand, is an art. Art of waiting, a bit of chance involved as well. When you don’t have the authority, you need to leverage the situation. It is like a spaceship using the gravitation pull of planets to move forward. The challenge in this strategy is that your company or manager will never notice you for this opportunity, or the organization will never adopt the change. Kodak was a successful company until it decided not to adopt the digital photography. Not that it di


 What exactly is a Tuesday? Monday is the start of the work week, Wednesday is the middle and Thursday and Friday are the end. But what is Tuesday? Nobody knows. It is a day with not a big significant value to the entire week, it just blends in. Do you too blend into your life? Then you might be missing on opportunities. You should brand yourself in such a way that people will associate you with something. Otherwise, you will just be a generic person in a generic world.

Low quality vs high quality people

 I am a very optimistic person, and I do believe in the infinite human potential. But some people will never achieve their potential, because of past trauma which prevents them from seeing what they can achieve, laziness or something else. To make the things even worse, those people will drag you down if they become part of your circle. Choose wisely with whom you want to spend time with, because we are social creatures and we are defined by our parents, friends and partners. We can’t choose our parents, but everything else is only in our control.

Taking a break

  I got a huge list of things to do today, and I did none of them. Sometimes we really need to take a break and re-think about our busy culture. I still struggle with that, but working on batching activities and prioritizing self-care. I know people who got burnout in the past and I was also a victim of this phenomenon and the last thing on my mind is to end up in this trap again.

Friday Netflix party

  This Friday I was invited to a Netflix marathon where we watched the second season of a good show. I am not the biggest fan of being indoors after work. But when the weather is bad, I think this is a reasonable way to spend your Friday night as an adult. What do you think?

Writers vs AI

 Currently, many writers in the US are on strike. They are complaining because the movie industry changed so much that they lack predictability. Before this change, they could work for a long-term project, but now they mostly work for short gigs and there is a huge uncertainty when the next gig will come. This situation forces the writers to take additional jobs like Uber drivers, just to pay the bills. They feel angry. On top of that, most sitcoms are quite predictable. Even an advanced AI can do the trick. What will happen when and AI can do your work? This is another topic we will need to answer not only for the writers’ profession. One way to resolve it is to ban AI altogether. To pretend there is no progress and to move on. But you and I and the writers don’t live in a silo. If the US ban it, other countries might not. And then the movie producers will end up with a tremendous disadvantage. We are in a brick of evolution on the way we work. Maybe we need to embrace the new way and

The Gauss law of politics

 One of the golden laws is the Gauss distribution curve. You can apply it in entrepreneurship – early adopters, adopter, late adopters. You can apply it for a wide variety of situations. You can apply it in society too. There will always be two extremes – the left and the right. But the majority of people will always be somewhere in the middle. If your party relies too much on the extreme opinion and beliefs, you will never win a majority. You will live a good and comfortable life with enough followers, but never in the majority. So to be able to become popular, you need to not only express extreme opinions and defend it, but also become a bridge between you and the middle. When you serve not only your core group of supporters, but make compromises and reach out to the middle ground, you suddenly become part of the majority and you can truly promote yourself as a change maker.   The far left and the far right are just a construct to rally devoted people to you, but this is

Goals for August

 The eighth month has arrived! So far, I had great success in many projects, including being elected as a secretary in an international organization. My current focus is still to go leaner. I am so excited that I lost 3 kilos last month and my plan for this month is to keep the momentum. What really helped me is to measure my progress daily and to stay on track by eating less and working out way more. Those are my short goals for the month of August.