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The Gauss law of politics

 One of the golden laws is the Gauss distribution curve. You can apply it in entrepreneurship – early adopters, adopter, late adopters. You can apply it for a wide variety of situations.

You can apply it in society too.

There will always be two extremes – the left and the right. But the majority of people will always be somewhere in the middle.

If your party relies too much on the extreme opinion and beliefs, you will never win a majority. You will live a good and comfortable life with enough followers, but never in the majority.

So to be able to become popular, you need to not only express extreme opinions and defend it, but also become a bridge between you and the middle. When you serve not only your core group of supporters, but make compromises and reach out to the middle ground, you suddenly become part of the majority and you can truly promote yourself as a change maker.


The far left and the far right are just a construct to rally devoted people to you, but this is never a sustainable approach and without looking for a consensus you won’t go far and this is the so called Gauss’s law of politics.


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