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Inspiration vs Learning

Would you rather chose to be inspired or to learn a valuable skill? Without inspiration, it is very hard to start learning new things. And this is where I think books like The Greatest Salesman in the World could help you. I have listened to the audio book recently and honestly; it didn’t resonate with me at all. One of the reason why is that I had read The Richest Man in Babylon and the Greatest salesman seem to be heavily inspired by it. I can understand why it has so many positive reviews. If you read it as a first book, you can be inspired and start applying the fundamental principles. But, if you, like me, had read The Richest Man in Babylon, you don’t need inspiration anymore. Your goal might be to build on top of what you already know. Therefore, inspiration becomes useless after you are already inspired. You must find a way to build on top of it and move to the next level.  

The end of procrastination

The end of procrastination is a nice myth. The idea that we can train ourself and stop delaying things in life. But to pursue pleasure is a human characteristic, and it is very hard to be changed. This is where habits come into play. When you create healthy habits, it is far easier to achieve your goals. It is recommended to check weekly if you slip off to the habits you want to build and, if so, adjust your behavior.  

Find the time to learn

Companies don’t have the time to develop their people. Companies are lacking the skills needed to grow and be better. Coincidence? I haven’t seen any senior manager who doesn’t want to have very motivated and capable people under them, What about the people? How will you develop them if there is no budget or time? It is the responsibility of the people to develop themselves. No one will push you to be better, no one will recommend you what to do. In today’s culture of self-organized teams, companies rely on people, but also in the age of cost effectiveness, the companies again rely on people to drive their own career. This leads to an interesting outcome. People are leading their career and taking the full responsibilities of their actions. Companies don’t invest in their people’s education, therefore it is no wonder when someone develops their skills further, to leave the company. If the companies want people to stay, there must be a shift in the narrative. Instead of companies asking

The hidden cost

Have you ever googled yourself? Do you know what people see about you? For many people, this is not important. Important things for those people are to only watch reels and other forms of entertainment. This is very wrong and will most certainly cost you a lot in the long term. Followers and social presence are the new currency. If you don’t own it, there is a hidden cost for you. Not being seen by the right people The first issue with not having a good enough social presence is that the right people wouldn’t approach you for new job opportunities or collaboration. Think about it, you and I do the same. When we see some advertisement or someone sends us a friend request and we don’t know who this person is, we do our own due diligence. This is the same in corporations. If the right people do not see you, there is no way to be considered for a promotion. Spend more time and money for the right connections Once you go to a certain level of visibility, it is so much easier to connect with

Time well spend

I am looking at my daily time spend. People think that having a checklist is a good idea, but I am more of outcome oriented person. This means that if the outcomes per day satisfy me, this is already an amazing day. I call it time well spend. More and more I am thinking of what activities will really increase the quality of my life. Will learning this language or that would really improve my life or not? The challenge is that everyone wants to learn new things, but without action and stable results, your daily activity could easily become pointless and you might lose motivation. That is why I recommend you to re-evaluate your activities and reduce them to those you might considered as “time well spend”.  

The lack of achievements correlated to lack of goals

Many people feel lost and don’t know what to do in life after they achieved something. The reality is that we decided what new thing we want to work on. What new opportunities we want to create for ourself. Therefore, if you feel stuck, decided on better goals and start achieving them. But the challenge is clear: don’t just aimlessly decide on goals, instead, try to see the big picture and solve individual puzzles along the way.

Career boost

I have seen so many people promoted to managers without the right tools. Therefore, having formal training is important to me. That is why I am excited to share that after intensive studies, which took multiple years; I had successfully passed my exams and completed my second master’s degree in Psychology. I hold already held one in Engineering and I am happy to combine the passion for engineering and technologies with my passion for creating better teams and coaching team members. This is another amazing milestone in my professional path.

Time investment

To become better, you need to invest time. It is tempting to think that just by posting one video you will become famous. Or just taking one course, you can become a good software developer. Sadly, the world doesn’t work that way. That is why you better invest your time wisely to become better in something you see sense of.

Change in the perspective

Sometimes you need to change your perspective. You are made to strive! If you are stuck in one position for a long time, you really need to re-think your priorities or your position in the organization. You might be doing something wrong or the organization you are part of might be in a decline, which could jeopardize your prospects. Instead, be proactive and plan your next career move carefully!  

Open-source opportunities

Being altruistic could be one of your best business ideas. See WordPress as an example. Millions of blogs are running on this platform and there is a new business for everyone. People who customize themes get “a piece of the pie” and so are the designers and developers of plugins and the people responsible for the SEO. I am sure, a lot of people who work on WordPress development got a lot of side job because of their expertise. The lesson is this: sometimes it is better to build a technology and give it up for free to create more business opportunities.