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The hidden cost

Have you ever googled yourself?

Do you know what people see about you? For many people, this is not important.

Important things for those people are to only watch reels and other forms of entertainment.

This is very wrong and will most certainly cost you a lot in the long term.

Followers and social presence are the new currency.

If you don’t own it, there is a hidden cost for you.

Not being seen by the right people

The first issue with not having a good enough social presence is that the right people wouldn’t approach you for new job opportunities or collaboration.

Think about it, you and I do the same. When we see some advertisement or someone sends us a friend request and we don’t know who this person is, we do our own due diligence.

This is the same in corporations. If the right people do not see you, there is no way to be considered for a promotion.

Spend more time and money for the right connections

Once you go to a certain level of visibility, it is so much easier to connect with the right people and also increase the level of quality connections.

This is also a huge challenge for anyone’s professional career. How to move on to the next level. Few options are to go to conferences where to connect with like-minded people.

Another approach is to join expensive seminars or to fly away to different countries. As someone in Toastmasters once said, “Your network is your net worth”.

Your talent will deteriorate

The third hidden cost is you being demotivated. Instead of finding your true call, you might end up in an unfulfilled job.

This is a huge hidden cost that you must take into an account. It is better to start educating yourself. Join volunteer organizations which are doing the things you want to do in the future.

So if your dreams are still not fulfilled, look for opportunities, made a plan and go for it.

Because no one would like to pay the hidden cost of not being seen and just being part of the people wasting their time and potential.






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