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Web3.0 part2

Another amazing Web3 meetup organized by  STRV The meetup was opened by their CEO  Lubo Smid  who shared an exciting story about his tenure in the company. There was an eye-opening interview about AR, VR and Tesla suit with the CEO of  Somnium Space  –  Artur Sychov What amazing take aways: 🚀 He attended a conference in 2016 – 2017 which inspired him to learn about NFT and crypto. This inspired him later to build a VR world which is fully interconnected and seamless. Note: if you are a new in any field, visit conferences where the gurus are going and only then you can immerse and see how future technologies can be used. Metaverse according to him 3 pillars 1⃣ Immersive – VR 2⃣ Decentralize – you need to control your stuffs 3⃣ Persistence – you should experience the same thing as the other person next to you, ex sunset and selfie. Like every new technology, there are gatekeepers. Example: phone producers, there are only a few who are in this business. Artur’s vision is to introduce lat

The managerial skill crisis

Managerial skills crisis is real. The entire point to have this level of communication is to delegate some challenges with the effectiveness of other teams so they can be solved. I see a lot of managers who had been to a training and two and react in a very text book way. This is not a natural conversation and they actually show they can’t handle the topic. It is like talking to robots. This is why managers need to learn to be empathetic and, instead of over-promising, they need to first start assessing the situation. Once they made changes, they can reach out with more promises. But this is not learned in the textbooks, the skills needed to be a good manager and a good leader are hard to develop. Some people can do it easier and faster than others. As manager, try to reflect on your style and not only ask for an honest feedback, but self assessment is sometimes the best tool. You can also look at the book the situational leadership .    

Web3.0 and investments

Web3.0 – what do you think about this new exciting chapter of the Web evolution? I attend a discussion on funding and web3.0 investments. Here are some insights from the panel discussions. Game based on crypto economy will become big next year. Another interesting thing which will happen is interactive comics on NFTs. Regarding investments in startups, If you want to pitch your startup to investors, here are some things they will look for: 1) The team must be in place(there are funds who, by seeing the team and founders, could trust their experience that they will pivot the idea and make it successful) 2) The Idea must be there. (Better validate your idea first and have a plan on how it can scale) 3) Good impression is if the team are expert in the issue and have very good insights(long lost are the days you come with an idea, the new norm is having a solid insight to impress investors in order to secure funding)


When you put leaders on a key positions who cannot communicate, then it becomes a big mess. And important information wasn’t communicated, because someone was waiting for another person to have a call. Teams who don’t value people’s time and don’t use a little thing called emails are doomed to be ineffective. But to create effective teams, you need effective leaders. If you feel like your team is not effective is time to change the approach.