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Web3.0 and investments

Web3.0 – what do you think about this new exciting chapter of the Web evolution?

I attend a discussion on funding and web3.0 investments.

Here are some insights from the panel discussions.

Game based on crypto economy will become big next year.
Another interesting thing which will happen is interactive comics on NFTs.

Regarding investments in startups, If you want to pitch your startup to investors, here are some things they will look for:
1) The team must be in place(there are funds who, by seeing the team and founders, could trust their experience that they will pivot the idea and make it successful)
2) The Idea must be there. (Better validate your idea first and have a plan on how it can scale)
3) Good impression is if the team are expert in the issue and have very good insights(long lost are the days you come with an idea, the new norm is having a solid insight to impress investors in order to secure funding)


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