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Web3.0 part2

Another amazing Web3 meetup organized by STRV

The meetup was opened by their CEO Lubo Smid who shared an exciting story about his tenure in the company.

There was an eye-opening interview about AR, VR and Tesla suit with the CEO of Somnium Space – Artur Sychov

What amazing take aways:
🚀 He attended a conference in 2016 – 2017 which inspired him to learn about NFT and crypto. This inspired him later to build a VR world which is fully interconnected and seamless.

Note: if you are a new in any field, visit conferences where the gurus are going and only then you can immerse and see how future technologies can be used.

Metaverse according to him
3 pillars
1⃣ Immersive – VR
2⃣ Decentralize – you need to control your stuffs
3⃣ Persistence – you should experience the same thing as the other person next to you, ex sunset and selfie.

Like every new technology, there are gatekeepers. Example: phone producers, there are only a few who are in this business. Artur’s vision is to introduce later on an open-source VR headset. Think about how Google opened some technologies for big data and machine learning and changed the way, technologies companies work.

One of the biggest threat according to him, is that end users don’t know how their data is being used. Imagine how much data the big companies have on the end user and how they are used. One recent example was with Oracle, which sold user data without their consent.
Or another open question is how oculus rift headset sends a lot of data back to the company producer.

The next interesting thing is Tesla suit.
I did not know of this technology before that.
This is a full body suit and has a lot of sensors. Don’t use vibration, but sends a low amount of current to your skin. Emulate the touch sensation.
Current use case in medical facilities for rehabilitation.

There product is really interesting. They had created a new social media network using 2 networks + Ethereum and Polygon. The end use has a choice and can save costs if the Ethereum price is high.

What are the new emerging technologies?
AI and its impact.

There were many more amazing gems which I would like to share later on.


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