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Flat-earthers vs Scientist

 I am watching lately a lot of debates on different topics, some more controversial than others.

The point with the flat earth is that they move from an idea to almost a religion like cult. And it is interesting how they think that they are the right and the other side is wrong. They have this 100% certainty, they are the chosen one and they know the secret.

This is a very powerful psychological state. Many people who feel insignificant in this big global world try to find a way to go back to being significant, and one way to go is to adopt radically different beliefs.

The scientists, on the other hand, they are sceptical by nature, and this is a common element between scientists and flat earthers. The difference is that scientists will try to find as many ways to make a theory inapplicable, but if they can’t and the theory is predictable enough and proven over a long period, it will be good enough for them.

As an example, we all know about gravity. Maybe in the future scientists will discover more forces, but the fact that equations with gravity work and we can see planes not crashing on a daily basis is a good thing.

From the debate, my take away is that scientists are more skeptical than flat-earthers and they have a more methodical approach to proving something is a true or not.

The flat-earthers are more of a community of like-minded people, a tribe, without real value to society. They want to convince and recruit new members just for the sake of validation of their ideas, lacking any real-world application of their belief.


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