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A trip to Budapest day 1

 This is my first day in Budapest. I come here for the national holiday celebrations. I have never been to August in Hungary, so this will be an interesting experience.

Budapest surprised me with a huge storm upon my arrival. I was prepared for it, but still I wished the weather was better.

I did some walking during the storm, which was not the most pleasant experience, but at least it wasn’t hot.

After that I ended in some military event. There, the Hungarian military showed to the people some of their equipment, including anti-tank missiles, tanks, equipment for finding mines and a helicopter simulator.

I liked the entire experience and the fact that the military personal was very welcoming and even accepting requests for making pictures with them.

After so much walking and sight-seeing I ended the day in one of the famous Budapest spa.

It was an amazing day 1 of my trip.


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