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Lack of trust

 Companies desire to be innovative and increase their bottom line. But when there is a lack of trust in the management, in the HRs and in the leadership, this becomes a mission impossible.

Trust is one of the crucial ingredients for success, this is why smaller companies are so innovative. People their know each other and trust each other.

Huge corporations are different. Think locally, act globally doesn’t work. The only thinking is done in the HQ and the other branches just follow the orders like mindless drones.

And the situation is obvious. The main office is complaining about the lack of innovation and nothing is happening or moving forward.

People are kind of content to stay in the same place and the world continues turning around.

The senior management can make as many surveys as possible, but at some point people will grow tired and ignore the loud voices, because they had seen, heard and experience enough.

So how you as a local leader would change that?

Or the other important question is “Is it worth it to change it?”, to sacrifice your time, energy and nerves.

Sometimes just accepting the reality and building skills to move on to another, more promising position and organization is the only way to move forward.

So lacking of trust is really one of the key element for destroying a successful organization.


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