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A trip to Budapest day 2

 This is the day 2 summary. If you are curious about day 1, you can find it here: Day 1

Today I visited the World Athletics championship, which was hosted by Budapest. I am a person who is not into huge events, but I was impressed by how supportive people were during the event. They cheered the most for their own sports people from Hungary, but there were also support for other athletes.

The more famous they were, the higher the support.

This is one of the takeaway. If you want to build a successful business, once it is done, people will remember your name and will cheer for you, but until this happens, you need to accept the fact that you are one of the many.

After the end of that event, I went for some rest and tried a very touristic burger. I would admit that I knew it won’t be the best burger in town, but their branding was so appealing.

This is another takeaway. Do something different from your competition. Distinguish yourself!

There might be many burger places in Budapest, but this one, the atmosphere and the decoration, was absolutely unique.

And people appreciate that. And they were full.

At night, I enjoyed one of the most spectacular fireworks I had ever seen!


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