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Writers vs AI

 Currently, many writers in the US are on strike. They are complaining because the movie industry changed so much that they lack predictability.

Before this change, they could work for a long-term project, but now they mostly work for short gigs and there is a huge uncertainty when the next gig will come.

This situation forces the writers to take additional jobs like Uber drivers, just to pay the bills.

They feel angry. On top of that, most sitcoms are quite predictable. Even an advanced AI can do the trick. What will happen when and AI can do your work?

This is another topic we will need to answer not only for the writers’ profession.

One way to resolve it is to ban AI altogether. To pretend there is no progress and to move on.

But you and I and the writers don’t live in a silo. If the US ban it, other countries might not. And then the movie producers will end up with a tremendous disadvantage.

We are in a brick of evolution on the way we work.

Maybe we need to embrace the new way and adapt. Like we did it so many times in the past. Then there won’t be a competition between humans and the AI.


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