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The clash of realities

 Each and every single one of us lives in their own reality.

Some of us are blessed to live in a reality of opportunities, others in reality of despair.

It's strange to see more often than not the raise of the percentage of people arguing on the social medias.

One of the reason for that is that the two people who argue see the world differently.

It is getting harder and harder to make a point. You just need to spend so much time to educate people to see your reality.

This is true for business too. If it's hard to sell your goods, then you better try to move to the reality of your customers, because they for sure will not want to see the world as you see it.

Not with the time you have, and not with the budget you have. Some companies managed to do so, companies like Uber and Airbnb. Something previously unthinkable is part of our reality. But many more had failed.

Would you have the time and money to convince people, then go for it? If not, sometimes it's better to shut up, don't over share to people who might never understand you!

Work on your projects and goals and find the tribe you belong to. When you are successful the rest will eventually follow!


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