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Follow your dreams, no matter what

I met recently AleŇ° Svoboda who is selected as one of the potential astronauts for the moon mission.

When the moderator asked him what he would say to other people who want to follow in his footsteps, his message was simple: “follow your dreams, no matter what others will say”.

So simple, yet profound. It is a rare job and a rare chance to happen in life. To be selected to go to the moon. How cool is that?

You can be a doctor, lawyer or software developer, but astronaut is something special.

What it is to live your life with a single hope – achieving your dreams?

Maybe we should all try to live more like that. Don’t take me wrong, there is a difference between gambling with your life and chasing your dreams.

Ales is a highly skilled specialist and even if he doesn’t achieve his dreams, he can still find a living. This is the difference between his approach and gambles who hope for the best and go all in, but when it doesn’t work, they lose everything.


Based on Ales’s words, the message is clear: follow your dreams, no matter what!


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