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BTC - a controversial opinion

I hope this is not a controversial opinion.

In the hindsight of the latest #BTC crash. It seems like BTC is more like an agile team in a waterfall organization. In theory, there are some benefits to adopting it. In practice, the organization will still use time, instead of story points, and pretend it is Agile.

Does this approach ever work? And the answer is absolutely, NO.

People see BTC as a way to get more dollars. The value of BTC is determined by other currencies which the population uses to buy services and goods.

I was checking now the transfer fee which seems to be manageable, only because the BTC price is so low.
But once it goes up, “To the moon” they say, this will again kill the entire idea of easy and cheap to transfer solution.

Overall, I am curious about how this experiment will continue.
What do you think, will BTC go even further down or not?
Also, have you ever seen a working Agile team in a waterfall organization?


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