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Lack of interest to vote

In Bulgaria, there will be the 5th political elections in 2 years time span.

What I observe about the politicians is that they don’t care about the people. They reach out to their core members, but what about the people don’t know them or which their needs are not being taken care of by the political party?

The reality is simple, only 40% of people vote and the rest don’t trust the process. This is actually an interesting point, because friends from Russia also mentioned the same effect.

Also, one of the Bulgarian parties, also called the Bulgarian Socialist Party, got fewer and fewer votes after each election. The main reason is that the leader and the leadership team refuse to take responsibilities for their actions and stay in power, where the rest of the party members want a change.

This shows that leaders who only look after themself and lack any other skills might stick to top positions for a while, but they will only drag the political party to its grave.


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