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The silent killer

The silent killer. I used to think that the world is relatively safe.


But more and more I educate myself. The more I realize how dangerous our surrounding is.


This latest article showed me more issues and treats we will face soon.


Meet the fungal infection.


Fungal infections are estimated to kill at least 1.6 million people a year, according to Global Action for Fungal Infections, a research and fundraising nonprofit.


There are only three classes of antifungal drugs commonly used for severe fungal disease, Dr. Spec said, all of which can cause toxic side effects. Fungi are also developing resistance to these drugs, Dr. Spec said. At least seven Candida auris infections were resistant to available antifungals in 2021, the CDC said, up from four in the years before 2020.


This makes the exotic dream to live on a desert island almost unattainable.


What if you catch such a disease there? How will you survive?


This makes choosing where you live and the easy access to highly trained medical professional even a higher priority.


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