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User experience is the key to keep your business

When you develop a software, it is very important to get right the functional and non-functional requirements.

I went to an IT shop, and they had an old arcade console. Since the game was Mortal Kombat, the original, I couldn’t resist and try it out.

But my experience was utterly horrible. The controls were completely destroyed and I couldn’t do normal combos and play optimally.

What do you think will happen next?

I played for a while and then give up.


Because even though I really wanted to spend 10 minutes on this arcade console and re-live my childhood, the experience was horrible and I was able to resist the urge to give up only for a few minutes.

What this story has to do with development and products?

The thing is, as a provider, you need to ensure an excellent customer experience in order to have a thriving business.

Failed to do so and your customer will give up on you and look for an alternative.

And in the age of young startups, there are plenty of opportunities for someone else to do the task better, faster, cheaper.

If something is wrong, provide a clear path for the customer to mention it and give you a feedback so you can deal with the issue in a timely manner.

Or design the solution in such a way that you know in advance there could be an issue and be proactive in fixing it before your customer even notice it.


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