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The game headhunters play

I have seen a lot of unethical headhunters. They are lazy and don’t understand well what they need to do, so they prefer to attract quantity and not quality people.

That is why they are fishing for the right candidate instead of really selecting them.

One such person who clearly was chasing the “easy money” sent me this questionnaire.

  1. What is your English level?
  2. What are your salary expectations?
  3. Describe your experience with …… do you follow, do you have professional experience in leading ….?
  4. Share your recent work achievement.
  5. What changes in the field of project management have you implemented over the past year?
  6. What is important for you in your work?


I also received this answer to the above questions:

“Unfortunately, we have a certain process that we must follow. To coordinate the HR interview, I needed this information, the conversation will be more substantive and we also appreciate your time! These questions do not oblige you to go through the entire process, but will help us get to know you better before talking.”

The thing is if you want to get the candidate better and your 2nd question is about salary expectations. I already know your game.

But the players will play only if we allow it.


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