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Leverage technologies

 Today I needed to take a train. In the past, I would have gone to the train station and buy it directly, because there is always space in the train. But a friend of mine told me that the reserved seats finished very fast two days ago and therefore it is better to buy it on-line as soon as possible. So I did it, and everything was really good… for me. There were many people who weren’t able to find a seat on that train.

Therefore, in today’s world where you can buy a ticket faster and convenient on-line, there is no excuse in being surprised if you can’t find a place to sit.

This makes the old generation and people who don’t like or accept innovations in a very disadvantage place.

Technologies, like fax and teletext, are already obsolete. We as species need to evolve and adapt to live a convenient life or join the rest who can’t find seats on the train.


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