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Strategic leadership

What does it mean to lead international organization which consist of diverse professionals?


This is something I think about constantly. It is important to have leadership who can provide specific expertise.

I had been part of the leadership of international IT committee and this experience taught me a lot. This is why now I can provide even more value and assist in making this organization even better.

Last week we gathered to network and to discuss the things we want to work on in the near future.

It is important to hear all the diverse points and decide on a common strategy.

The challenge we face is a challenge many big corporations face in terms of motivating and gathering members. The difference is that we do it in the non-profit sector where big salaries and statuses are not the driving force, for us, creating change and a strong network is.


And strategic leadership, process creation and optimizations are my expertise.

 We plan to create more and more events where we can network and work on meaningful projects.


One of those events is the meeting in Lapland.

We also provide mentoring to students who study engineering.

If you want to support such organizations, please let me know in a private message.


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