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Attitude above skills question

Recently I read the following post. Someone hired a good fit for the company only with 1 interview and the comment to this post states "Attitude above skills, always and forever! :)". 

The question here is: "Is that really true?"

On the internet, you can read a lot of controversial comments, also you must take into an account the fact that people who write might not use English as a first language. This, for example, is my case.

However, to simplify a complex interview process and decision making about a candidate with this simple question is very naïve, to say the least.

Hiring is though, many companies are not prepared and lack proper hire process. Resulting in having 3+ interviews, which is a lot. However, not having the right technical criteria and to rely to hire someone just because of their attitude, especially for senior position, is not good either.

There must be a mixed balance between the positive attitude and the abilities of the person. I am not a big supporter of the phrase “Fake it until you make it” and I have seen this as a shift for the trend in 2024.

Therefore, what I want you to take away out of this is to look at your hiring process. Do you have a clear idea who you would like to join your company?

If not, redefined it and reduce the number of interviews for a candidate, but not only look for attitude but also skills.

Depending on the position, if you look for a junior person, attitude is more important. However, if you move to a senior position, you need a candidate who can prove specific skills. 


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