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Decision making challenge

The art of decision making is fairly simple.

You research the problem; you get the pros and cons of each decision, and you make the decision.

Emotions, on the other hand are something we rarely think of when we speak about decisions.

Emotions are the things that prevent us from achieving an optimal decision regarding career choice, partner, where to live, and so on.

But also, emotions are the thing that make us humans.

So, we can't just say to someone else that they need to be more rational, because when we are the one who needs to make the decision suddenly it is not so obvious as when we observe our friend or colleague who needs to make that decision.

The art of making a decision is to have a conversation with other people. Because you and I won’t be able to remove our emotions from important decisions. Other people’s feedback could provide us with the needed neutrality and different perspective outside of our emotions.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because we still need to find people who know us well and want us to succeed and have our best interests in mind.

But if you are able to create such a group of people and leverage their wisdom. The chances you are making good decisions will increase significantly.


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